The story of I. is both a play on words as it is a play on reality. It is an attempt to present a protagonist who has stepped out of existing structures, orders and definitions. She chose to live in a constant stage of metamorphosis, occupied by the demands of her body and the surrounding environment which remains limited to what is referred to as ‘a room of her own.’ She listens, observes, at times glancing back into the past which to her is no longer in the past as all she knows is the present moment. She lives within me as much as I live within her. Perhaps you will find a piece of her within you too.

For a more comfortable reading of the work a small meaning guide is provided:

Fishing – being up to something; daydreaming; planning.

Dirt – soil; dust; residue of thought.

Fishes – friends; companions; partners; active listeners.

Birds – sins, critters that know all and are always watching.

Work – making bread; making something that nourishes the Other.

Feel free to follow or just make your own meanings.

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